Content & Creation Guidelines

Content & Creation

When trying to decide what counts as a benefit that can be provided to your subscribers, our team does an analysis to determine what subscribers are paying for and the value they receive. We also have to make sure people do not circumvent our guidelines by sharing prohibited benefits off of Hapyify that are not identified on Hapyify.

Illegal creations and benefits

Any content which is categorized as illegal as per Indian Laws. Please refer to the Indian IT act for further details. You can also get information about the same in our Terms and Condition. Please understand that terms and conditions are subject to change and it can not be considered as an exhaustive information guide in context of Indian laws.

Here are some types of benefits that we do not allow anywhere on Hapyify. In some of these cases, we will also report the account and work with law enforcement to identify the source. Benefits that are not allowed include:
  • Images of child abuse and sexual depiction of minors
  • Images of human or animal abuse.
  • Access to betting or gambling products or services

Drugs, medication, and supplements

Sometimes people want to share their experience with struggles they faced and how they got better as a way of helping others who are struggling, and the same is acceptable. However, we do not want creators to encourage harmful or dangerous behaviors. As a result, you cannot offer the following as a benefit:
  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia.
  • Partial payment for drugs, medication or supplements such as coupons, gift cards, or any incentive to purchase or obtain the categories mentioned above.
  • Medication or food supplements such as weight loss, energy boost or miracle cures.
  • Books or any other form of educational material claiming that they can help cure disease.
Note that Hapyify allows creations engaging or discussing the general health and fitness i.e Yoga, Fitness, Sports, Games, Body-building etcs

Weapons and explosives

You cannot offer the following as benefits on Hapyify:
  • Weapons of any kind including lethal weapons
  • fireworks
  • Partial payment such as coupons, gift cards, or any incentive to purchase or obtain firearms or explosives.
  • Tutorials, instructions, or demonstrations for crafting or modifying weapons, such as 3D printed designs, manufacturing firearms, and other DIY creations

Alcohol and smoking

You cannot offer the following:
  • Alcohol and smoking substances such as tobacco, cigars, vapes, e-cigarette, rolling paper, and cigarettes.
  • Promotions, coupons, or any other incentives to purchase or obtain alcohol and smoking products
  • Kits to brew alcohol.

Finance and Cryptocurrency

You are free to talk about and share creations around financial advice and cryptocurrency, but Hapyify was not designed to launch an ICO or create an investment scheme. Therefore, while you can share creations and advice, you cannot offer the following benefits:
  • Coins as part of a benefit or making your subscribers an investor.
  • Partial payment such as coupons, gift cards, or any incentive to purchase or obtain cryptocurrency.
  • Pyramid scheme, Ponzi scheme, or other fraudulent scheme.
  • You cannot offer benefits that promise subscribers a financial benefit based on following advice provided in the benefit such as "if you pay 5000/- a month, my advice will earn you 10 times that."

Sex work and sexual services

We prohibit pornography or sexual services to be funded on Hapyify. As a result, you cannot offer the following benefits:
  • You cannot use Hapyify to provide access to pornographic material such as giving access to a website or shared private access to pornographic creations whether on Hapyify or on any other platform. Pornography is defined as real people engaging in sexual acts such as masturbation or sexual intercourse on camera.
  • You cannot offer items that are either sexually gratifying or intimate in nature.
  • You cannot use Hapyify’s payment system to fund escort activity.
  • You cannot offer an erotic webcam session to your subscribers. This means that we have a no nudity policy for creators.

Health, hygiene and consumables

Creations related to cooking, how to make your own products and discussing health are allowed, but creators cannot offer ingredients or consumables as a benefit.

Multi-level marketing and direct selling

Hapyify is not a platform to launch a direct sales business or facilitate MLMs. Hapyify is not meant to be a means to promote a direct sales business, but a place for creators to launch creative endeavors. Products manufactured and sold by direct marketing companies are not a benefit to be offered on Hapyify.


You cannot request payment for raffles or giveaways as part of a benefit. In other words, subscribers should not have to pay for the chance to win something. This includes lotteries, raffles or even mystery boxes if the value of the box is not guaranteed. If you want to offer any form of giveaways to your followers, make sure to open them to your fan base in general, ensure they are not only accessible to your subscribers, and follow the applicable laws.

Other things to note

The terms and conditions herein are subject to changes by Hapyify without any prior notification. You hereby agree that Hapyify has the exclusive, irrevocable and absolute rights to amend the Terms & Conditions.

This list is not exhaustive and might change in the future as technologies evolve and life simply happens. If you have doubts about your projects, please contact our team at We are always happy to help.

This policy is part of Hapyify’s Terms of Use and Platform Guidelines. For more information, contact Hapyify at